Leasing & Asset Management

With our vast lease planning and asset management experience in dealing with lessors and airlines over the past decades, the company has strategically expand it’s aviation products and services portfolios into leasing and asset management. Fusion Aero also provides comprehensive financing solutions designed to fit our customers requirements in managing their aviation assets.

Aircraft leasing companies and financial institutions involved in providing aircraft leasing and financing either have in-house technical experts to manage their aircraft assets or these activities can be outsourced to 3rd party experts. Thorough and regular oversight of aircraft technical inspections including documentations to ensure the assets are maintained and operated at or above industry standards to SECURE RESIDUAL VALUES of the assets.

Fusion Aero provides end-to-end aircraft lifecycle management to address key requirements of preserving the aircraft residual values. Among the key scope are as follows:

  • Oversight of assets technical conditions and periodically review the maintenance planning and maintenance reserves to adjust for variations in the technical or financial performance of the lessee.
  • Performance of regular aircraft inspections, aircraft maintenance records audit, airworthiness directives review by Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.
  • Identification of any shortcomings in the compliance management of the asset’s lease or financing contract and provide advise to address those discrepancies.
  • Provide expertise in aircraft maintenance reserve analysis ensuring that any reserve paid by the lessee are appropriately distributed in order to preserve the full residual value of the assets.
  • Provide aircraft repossession team on standby to take actions in cases of defaults leading to insolvency.